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The Third Stage: Dirty Chat

After you’ve flirted and been a bit naughty it’s time to get dirty. At this time, whoever you’re chatting to should be expecting you to take it full on and get dirty. You both know at this point that you want to go a bit further with one another and want to get wild so there is no need to beat around the bush any longer. Go ahead and say what you want, try to say things very personal without holding much reservation. Some find it harder than others to let down their barriers and get into a dirtier mind frame. This is the time for you to be a bit selfish, don’t worry about what they might think of you, you’ll need to say things very personal otherwise it will seem artificial and controlled – definitely not a turn on for most people.

How To Get Into Dirty Chat

At this point you’ve escalated the conversation to a point where it’s supposed to peak, so let it peak. The chat has gone from mild to hot, now it’s time for spicy; let her know what you want to do, reveal the wild side of your mind and your desires. There really are no rules or instructions to give besides simply saying that you should just try to communicate exactly what you want to do to her, or how much she’s driving you wild. It’s always an added bonus if you can be a bit creative and funny when you’re dirty chatting, it lightens the mood without taking away anything from the intensity of the moment.

The Next Step

After you’ve been dirty chatting with someone then you’re set, you've either hit it off right from the start or you casually talked your way into her good books. In either case you both should be much more comfortable with one another at this point; from here it’s much easier to try and meet up in person and take things to the next level. That’s what’s so good about adult online chat, it offers you a transition place to talk to women eventually leading to in person meet-ups. It’s not the most likely scenario that when you meet someone out in public you’ll be able to start up a conversation, and even if you do, it won’t last long enough or get deep enough to allow you to make a lasting connection. Adult chat allows for an easy way to make strong connections between new partners.