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Discreet Flirt Chat

The First Stage: Flirt Chat

The best way to start a chat is just by doing some casual flirting, even if you’re planning on making it dirty, there is nothing wrong with starting it casual just to kick things off. Starting with casual flirting allows whatever girl you’re talking to, to see that you’re interested. After this you can then see how she reacts and take it for there. Many women will get intimidated if you just jump into getting dirty, or they might even be put off – If you don’t know who you’re chatting to then the safest way to show her you’re interested is through harmless flirting, just pay her a compliment on something you think she cares about. By starting with flirt chat, you are allowing her to show you, in a subtle way, whether or not she is interested and in all honesty, a girl would much rather you catch on by yourself if she’s not interested, rather than having to spell it out for you.

The Benefits of Flirting Chat

Besides making it easier on women to put their feelings forward, flirt chat rooms are much better practice for real life. You don’t go up to women in public or even in a nightclub and start a conversation by saying the dirty things you want to do to her. The reality is that things will always escalate quicker online, but you should still treat women the same way in our chat rooms as you would treat them if you saw them in person. It’s really just a good practice to treat women with respect and involve yourself in conversations with them that would be fitting (at the beginning) for public. The internet, and our adult chat rooms, are much more of an intimate place than a restaurant or bar for example, and it’s expected that you will move past this stage of innocent flirtation fast, but show that you have some social skills and you’re sure to gain some points – unless you can blatantly tell that she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t want to waste time.

Patience Is Key!

You may be the kind of person who’s less into light flirting and more into just getting dirty right away; and if that’s your thing then go for it, might as well do what you’re into, but for those who are trying hard to make meet ups happen and want to know a good way to go about it, then just try to gradually grow the conversation without pushing too hard. Many people find that the strongest connections grow gradually, so if you find someone you like and want to meet them in person, have patience and you’ll be rewarded.